Laboratory insurance

The student council offers all students in our degree programs to take out laboratory insurance. The amount for one semester is €13.85. Here (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX) you can find the conditions. Before taking out laboratory insurance with us, it is best to check whether your liability insurance does not already cover laboratory work.

That is how it goes:
1. Print out the SEPA direct debit mandate (below).
2. Fill in legibly and sign! Please indicate whether the insurance should apply to the winter semester or summer semester.
    (Summer semester: 01.04 - 30.09 / Winter semester: 01.10 - 31.03.)
3. Scan the completed form or take a clear photo of it
4. By email to:
    Subject: “Laboratory Insurance Student Council ELW”
5. If everything is legible and filled out correctly, you will receive from us:
    a.) An email confirming that you are insured
    b.) An email with your mandate reference and the planned move-in date. Please ensure there are sufficient funds in your account on this date.
6. If there is any damage, please contact us by email. You will then receive a form that you have to send to the insurance company.

Note on steps 1 to 3:
If you have a tablet with a pen, you can also fill out and sign the form digitally.

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