First Semester Students (Freshmen)

Are you thinking about doing your Bachelor ELW or one of our Masters with us or are you already enrolled?

Here you will find all information about the 1st semester, including events for our freshers! :)

If you still have questions about studying, the organization or something similar or are simply interested in who we are, you are always welcome to contact us either by email ( or Instagram (fs_elw_bonn) or simply in our session (every Tuesday at 7 p.m.) or during our opening hours during the semester (Wednesday: 1 p.m. - 2 p.m.; Thursday: 12 p.m. - 1 p.m.). We are happy to help where we can.

Our Freshmen Events in winter semester 2024/25

Freshmen-Weekend in winter term 2024/25: 

  • Freshmen-Welcome of the University
  • Freshmen-Rallye
  • Freshmen-Party
  • Freshmen-Brunch
  • Campus-Tour

The exact times and all other necessary information about the events will be announced in good time via the website and Insta!
(AFECO-Freshmen will get their own Welcome-Events and Tours, but are very welcome to also join our events! :) )

Freshmen-Trip winterterm 2024/25:

Every year we organize a weekend trip for our first-year students. The program includes a rally, various games, an entertaining evening program and, above all, lots of fun. The purpose of this trip, in addition to a nice weekend together, is that you, as a first-year student, have the chance to get to know your fellow students outside of the lectures and to be able to exchange ideas with those from your own semester as well as with the student representatives.

We look forward to a great weekend with you!

You can find out all the information about registering and the trip itself in good time here on our website as well as on Instagram (fs_elw_bonn) or eCampus.

Good to know!

We have internet across the entire campus and in all university buildings. To do this, you have to install Eduroam. You can find instructions on how to do this on the website of the University Computing Center at the University of Bonn.

For the main library (Adenauerallee 39-41) or the MNL department library (Nussallee 15a) you need a valid library card, which you can apply for online here.

Opening Hours

Mo. - Su.: 08:00 - 24:00

Borrowing and returning media:

Mo. - Su.: 10:00 - 24:00

In the Poppelsdorf cafeteria (CAMPO Mensa) you can pay with a debit card/credit card (in each case you must also present your student ID) or with the cafeteria card. Students can obtain the Mensa Card upon presentation of a current student ID + €5 deposit at the Infopoint at Lennéstraße 3 or at Cafe Campo in the Poppelsdorf Mensa.

You must register for all lectures, seminars and exercises on Basis so that you can register for the exams later. You can follow the study plan as a guide.

At the start of your studies, you must register for your bachelor's exam. It's not that difficult: you just have to fill out the relevant form (initial registration at the examination office) and hand it in to the examination office together with your ID card, student ID card and photo or submit it online. Please note that no other exams may be written without this registration!

You can also register for the exams via Basis within a certain period of time.

At the examination office you will find the deadline schedule with all important deadlines such as registering for modules, exams, etc.

You can find every Course Book of each study program at the respective official Website. There you will find all the information (such as content, learning objectives, courses, exams, teachers, ECTS-LP,...) about the modules.

You can find the general dates within the semester here.

You can also create your timetable via Basis. To do this, go to the respective events, click on “save an appointment” for the dates that are relevant to you and then click “save marked dates” at the end. You can then view your timetable using the “Timetable” function. You will usually only see the current week, but you can also select a different week or, for example, the semester view.

In summer semester 2024 we will have the student ID card on the UniBonn app for the first time. You can simply download this and log in with your Uni-ID. If you have applied for a semester ticket, you will also find the QR code for your semester ticket there.


Registration for exams, lectures and exercises takes place via Basis. There you can log in with your personal password and user name (found in the letter with the semester documents) and register for everything yourself. You will also find out the times and locations of lectures, exercises and exams on this basis.

eCampus is a platform on which lecturers upload materials such as lecture notes, exercises or other information for the respective modules. Some registrations for tutorials also take place via eCampus. You can log in with the same name and password as at Basis (Uni-ID and password).

You also have your own email address from the University of Bonn (Uni Mail), where you will receive all emails related to the university.

CAUTION: The emails you receive via your Unimail are not identical to those from eCampus. So check your Unimail regularly!

In some exercises there will be compulsory attendance, which will also be monitored, such as in the biology exercise. As a rule, there is no obligation to attend lectures. You will find out more from the lecturers of the respective module or read it in the course book of the respective study program.

You can find your certificate of study, as well as other important information such as payments and your contact details, at the Student Service.

You can usually find the invitation link on eCampus. If you can't find it there, feel free to ask via email or Instagram.

The grades and credit points are communicated via Basis (“Transcript of Records"), and sometimes an email is also sent.

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