Boards and Commissions

At our faculty there are various committees and commissions in which students sit alongside professors and other university employees. These committees are there to discuss and shape various topics that affect either the entire faculty or just an individual course of study.

If you have any questions about the commissions or would like to be a member of a commission yourself, please stop by our student council meeting (every Tuesday at 7 p.m.) or during our opening hours (Wednesday: 1 p.m. - 2 p.m.; Thursday: 12 p.m. - 1 p.m.). :)

Here you can find the committees in which student representatives also sit.

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is the central body that can make fundamental decisions. In contrast to the other committees, the Faculty Council is elected in the course of the study parliament elections by the voters of the agricultural faculty and ultimately consists of professors, other university employees and a total of 6 students (2 from each department). together.

Members of our student council: Alicia Maggiulli, Sophie Comouth

Commission Teaching Support

The Teaching Support Commission can decide on the financial resources available to the faculty. Applications can be submitted for, for example, tutoring positions, excursions and other quality-improving measures, which are then checked and compared by the Teaching Support Commission. The commission can then either approve, shorten or delete the application.

Members of our student council: Alina Kummer

Substitute: Sophie Comouth

Teaching Award Selection Committee

Once a year the teaching award is presented to a teacher in the faculty. For this purpose, students' opinions are collected in the form of a survey, which are then evaluated by the commission.

Members of our student council: Helena Fuchs

Substitute: Kris Medding

Examining Board

As the name suggests, examination matters are discussed in the examination committee. These can include, among other things, changes to the examination regulations, but also concerns regarding specific examinations or examination results.

Members of our student council: Anne Cremer

Substitute: Carina Pieper, Anne Lulis

Study Advisory Board/Central Study Commission (Central StuCo)

In the central StuCo, topics relating to the study programs and university life that directly affect us as students are discussed, i.e. it concerns, for example, the planning and organization of the study programs.

Members of our student council: Lisa Klein, Annika Krüll

StuCo ELW/Nutrition Science/mLMT/AFECO

In addition to the central StuCo, there is a separate StuCo for each degree program in the faculty, where course-specific topics such as concerns regarding specific modules can be discussed.

Members of our student council (ELW/Nutrition Science/mLMT): Thomas Badzinski, Sophie Comouth

Substitute: Nana Boateng, Carina Pieper

FK Student Council Conference

Representatives of the various student councils and the AStA at the University of Bonn meet here and discuss all things relevant to them, e.g. distribution of funds, university-wide events or the statutes.

Members of our student council: Stefan Thomas

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